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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Try something new this year

I challenge you to try something new this year. In February, I will be showcasing some interesting ways to create scrapbooking layouts quickly, more sample greeting cards, and of course paper crafts. 

I hope that you will also challenge yourself by believing in yourself and your crafting abilities. Remember, every time we try something new we are novices but that's okay. Maybe try a new technique, new type of paper craft, challenge yourself to incorporate more scraps, use that elusive pattern paper, and maybe create your own embellishments. As for me, I too will join in challenging myself in these areas and will share with you my results. 

If you are an experience paper crafter perhaps you can challenge yourself by doing what you love by starting your own business. Others can enjoy and appreciate from your knowledge and experience. I welcome you to join my team and Become a Consultant.

Save and earn money while creating greeting cards and scrapbooking layouts. In becoming an Independent consultant you can receive discounts, earn product credits (free product), and income from sales.

You are not alone in the process, I will be here to coach you, and the company offers an extensive online and in-person training. Training can include how to build a business, learning all types of crafting techniques to balancing your personal life and business. 

What makes Close To My Heart a good business opportunity? View the video below.

Why did I join Close to My Heart? At first, I fell in love with the product. I loved that the cardstock had a white paper core, and when working with the product I quickly realized the high quality. In my opinion, this wasn't just another stamping company, they are focused on showing you how to scrapbook, create greeting cards, and paper crafts. You don't need a ton of tools like multiple punches, templates, or anything else. They have a line of products for all types of paper crafters and experience level; regardless if they are a novice or very experienced. They even have digital scrapbooking! I love creating embellishments with my Cricut machine and their cartridges are amazing. 

Being a part of this company did not break my bank. You can become an Independent Consultant with $49 +shipping and tax with the Essentials level. For that small amount of registration fee you get approximately $155 in retail value. So for me, I entered the business because of my love of crafting and to enjoy receiving the discount benefits. At the time I registered at $99, Master's level, and that level is still available for people that want to earn money. They get the Essential's Level plus the additional business building tools.

Essential Level 

Master's Level

Early on the challenge for me was that I didn't necessarily want to teach or become a sales person and I really didn't have to. The company is all about you setting up your own personal why and goals. I used to create greeting cards and layouts to be sold online so the discount was really appealing for me. It was important for me not become the pushy sales person. I still don't have to be. Talking in front of others can be a challenge but I can honestly say that now I enjoy showing people new techniques and how to recreate something I've made. I love seeing people light up with pride on what they've created. I just focus on "let me show you how" and my quarterly order requirement of $300 has always been met. People just fall in love with the product because of its quality. Seeing the paper and embellishments in person is always better than the pictures. And as an avid crop hopper people just loved the layouts and products I used at the crops. 

Today, I continue to get out my comfort zone by creating, learning how create a video and blog, posting on my blog, talking to women about paper crafts, and setting up a new personal creative challenges. I love how I've never felt pressured to meet any sales quota or to recruit. I felt that the training they provided me helped me grow in so many areas. The training I received on different crafting techniques was well worth the investment. It is with such gratitude that I share this information with you. This maybe the opportunity that you are looking for.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions about Close to My Heart and it's opportunities.


  1. Love your story of why you started with CTMH and how you have grown! Inspiring!