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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oh baby!

I love the Baby Cakes Paper Packet and when my friend Sherbi asked me to design some baby animal themed thank you cards for a recent baby shower you know that I had to try out the latest Close to My Heart items. So why not share a couple of my designs using nothing but items found in the newest Autumn/Winter Idea Book.

In the first card I used the paper packet called Babycakes (X7173B). To cut out the animals, and the matted background frame I used the new Cricut Cartridge collection called Artbooking (Z1906). New scalloped punch (Z1851) and Bronze Shimmer Trim tape (Z1849) with a touch of Brown Sparkle (Z1753) for bling allowed me to pull this project together.

To reconstruct this or a similar card you will need the following measurements and steps:
  1. One Baby Cake polka-dot B&T paper cut into two strips measuring 1" x 4.25". The polka dot and letter print are on the same paper so you can really use your scraps to create this card.
  2. You will also need Whisper cardstock (found in paper packet) and cut a small strip also measuring at 1" x 4.25".
  3. Using the scallop border punch create the scalloped design out using the three strips measuring at 1" x 4.25.
  4. The card measure at 10" x 4.25", when folded it measures 5" x 4.25" fits a standard envelope.
  5. Select a second patterned paper featuring the animal print.  Cut a piece measuring 2" width x 3" height.
  6. Cut a piece of Bronze Shimmer Trim at 4.25" in length and a second piece at 2.5". The shimmer trim has an adhesive back to the ribbon making it easy to adhere to your project.
  7. Babycake Paper Packet also contains the solid cardstock needed such as Colonial White, Chocolate, Sunset (orange) and Buttercup (Yellow). You will need these in order to cut out your pieces on the Cricut machine using the Artbooking cartridge. Do not use Real Dial.
  8. Cut the Chocolate cardstock at 8", turn to page 77 in booklet for image, select Title, then Walking on Water key, then the cut key.
  9. Using the same image cut Daisy White cardstock at 7.5" by selecting Repeat Last, change the size of image to cut at 7.5, then press the cut key. You may also follow step 8 if you are using the Personal Cricut machine.
  10. Now is time to create the lion's body. See image on page 50 in the Cricut booklet. Using the Sunset (orange) cardstock we will cut image out at 7". First select Icon, then "e" key, set size, then cut.
  11. Insert the Buttercup (yellow) cardstock to create the lion's mane and face. Ensure that Icon key is on, then press Shift key and R. Cut this image out at 7" as well.
  12. Now it's time to put all the pieces together. First adhere the animal patterned B&T paper along the crease.
  13. Layer the scalloped pieces beginning from the bottom up. You will layer lettering pattern, whisper cardstock, polka-dot pattern paper. I left a 2/16 inch from the bottom untouched to reveal the Buttercup cardstock. Layer the pattern with lettering, From a scallop border edge to edge I left a 6/16 inch  or 1 cm in order to view of the bottom layer.
  14. Next adhere the Bronze shimmer trim long piece horizontal covering the top edge of the scalloped piece. To create the bow just remove the ribbon backing and fold it in on itself. Cover the center with a Brown sparkle. Adhere bow down using a glue dot.
  15. I recommend layering the brown and white mats in the top center half of the card. The Lion can be put together using a liquid adhesives sold through CTMH. Adhere the finished lion to the center of the brown & mat mats.
  16. Cut a second piece of Colonial White cardstock at 3.75" x 4.5" for inside the card. This will allow the for a message to be written of thanks, congratulations, birthday, you name it.  
The above card was created using Chantilly Paper Packet, Artbooking Cricut Cartridge, Pear Mini Medley, and Daisy White cardstock. With the exception of the button used all items are in the current Idea Book. To reconstruct this adorable card You will need the following steps and measurements.
  1. Chantilly Paper with floral and bird design should be trimmed to measure 3.5" x 3.5" and also cut a smaller piece measuring 1/2" x 1 1/2" for the banner.
  2. Next using the same patterned paper above (the back side has a green patterned) cut a circle from the Artbooking, image found on page 83 in booklet. Select this image by pressing the Border button, the Shift key, then the All Star button. Circle needs to be cut at 8", No Real Dial were used.
  3. Cut a second circle from the Cotton Candy cardstock by pressing Repeat Last key, then changing the size of image to 6.5".
  4. The third circle was cut using the Buttercup (Yellow) cardstock by selecting Repeat Last key, then changing the size of image to 5".
  5. If you are using a Personal Cricut machine you will need to follow step 2 and change the sizes and card stock to get desired measurements.
  6.  The Many Thanks sentiment was from the top edge of the patterned paper. Trimmed the top sentiment out then cut a v-notch to create a ribbon.
  7. Now it's time to reconstruct this card by first adhering the floral/bird patterned paper so that it lays flushed along the left hand side leaving a 2/16 inch border from the top.  Next, adhere the green patterned circle, layer the Butter cup (yellow) circle so that it is touching just one corner of the green circle, followed by the Cotton Candy circle so that it overlaps the other two circles.
  8. Using any of the liquid adhesives or Tombo adhesive begin to layer the giraffe pieces together. The completed giraffe should now be adhered. I placed him 3/4 inch from the top of the card and 1.25" from the left hand side.
  9. Now cut a v'notch the Thank You sentiment  to create a banner look and then layer it on top of the green patterned paper banner. Adhere these items to the bottom of card as shown. Remember to leave room for the button. To adhere the button I used a glue dot.
If you enjoyed these cards and would like to recreate your own with the same supplies you may order these directly from the Close to My Heart company at my Independent Consultant site at
Until next time, happy crafting!

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