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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide is a festive supplement to the Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book. Inside you’ll find all-new products, offered for a limited time only, including papers, project kits, embellishments, stamps, and more to pull off a memorable holiday season!

How do customers get a Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide?
Customers can get a Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide free of charge by signing up for the Club Membership.  Additionally, CTMH will add one free gift guide to the first online order a customer places October 15 through December 1. The Holiday Guide is also viewable online here for FREE.

Can't wait to view all the new goodies in the new Holiday Guide. Request yours today at Buy NOW button below and just pay for shipping $2. I'll mail one out to you right away (within the US only).

Several items in the Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide are only available while supplies last, so be sure to place orders for your favorites early!  When the product runs out the company won't replenish their supplies it is gone forever.  The "While supplies last" products include:
Items in the Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide that will be available for purchase after the promotion ends?
There surely are! Several items in the Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide will be returning for purchase in the Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book. Those items include: 

Here's a great tip about the NEW WASHI Tape.
In the Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book, the washi tape will be sold as individual rolls rather than in 3-packs. The 1" Juniper and Cotton Candy polka-dot washi tape rolls will not be available in the next Idea Book so you may want to place an order on this one first.

When you  place an order of $100 or more from the Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide and/or the Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book and/or retail-priced items on Consultants’ Online Business Address (OBA) you can qualify for a free “star” items. There is no limit to how many “star” items you can qualify for; for every $100 you spend in your order, you can choose one free “star” item. For example, if you place an order of $200, you qualify for two free “star” items. In addition, to this you will reach your membership club  requirement and earn $25 of FREE Select Products. View membership club details for a list of select products.

What are the “star” items in the Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide?
 The “star” items are pictured only in the Holidays from the Heart Gift Guide. The “star” items are the products in the gift guide that have a circled star image next to the product’s item number and include:

Stack your rewards during this holiday season, just our way of saying thank you.

Happy Shopping!

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