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Sunday, March 4, 2012

3D Cake and Flower Wow

At Michael's store there's a new class called Flower Wow! We create six types of flowers and add an extra flair to these flowers for an extra texture or look. I've decided to show case six flowers on a 3D cake. I must admit that the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge allowed me to create this cake. Using another's CTMH Consultant's inspiration, Lisa Stenz, I was able to follow her YouTube directions to make this creation happen.

The Art Philosophy allows you create many different types of flowers and to cut out pillow boxes. Why is this important? The cake was made out of the pillow boxes glued together and the flowers were cut from this cartridge. In the Michael's course, I show students also how to create flowers with and without the Cricut. However, I must admit that it's much easier using this cartridge. The only thing is you'll need an octagon cut out for the bases. I also own Going Places Cricut Cartride and was able to cut out an octagon shape by using the shaddow button of a stop sign.

In the Flower Wow, students get hands on instructions how to create this flowers and more. The next class will be Saturday, April 7th from 3-5pm at the King of Prussia Michael's Store. I hope you cna join me.

If you wish to purchase Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge, just follow the above link or go to my website

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