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Friday, March 30, 2012

Milk Carton Template

Hi Paper Crafters!

I've been busy working on mini albums, paper crafts, and greeting cards this past week. It's been great creating once again just for me:) Since I won Crafting by Design's random drawing during their last blog hop. I have been stamping away and will be sharing my creations with you soon enough. Please allow me to just create then I'll take pictures for you to see.

This blog post is for my dear friends that are also scrapbooking instructors. I taught customers how to use their Martha Stewart's Score Boards. We have created rosettes, envelopes, boxes, easter basket, and milk cartons. It's alot of fun! Anyhow, there was some interest in receiving this template and thought everyone would also enjoy them. Milk Cartons make great party gifts. Fill them with your favorite treats, party favors, you name it!

Here are a few pictures of a milk carton that I created and decorated using Recollections paper. As promised I also included my measurements for the milk carton. For the template, you can download it at and then type milk carton. This site is a great fountain of templates, for those of you that are paper crafting enthusiasts. Have fun and please feel free to share your creations here.

To create your own at the same size above, feel free to use my measurements in the picture below. You may use the template exactly as pictured on  this website (link) by using an 8 1/2x 11 inch card stock.

First place the cardstock horizontally (Not as pictured) and score the lines at 2 1/2 inches apart. Then turn the card stock vertical, as pictured, on your score board. To create the triangular shape, use the Martha Stewart's envelope trangle, turn you paper in an angle like you would to create an envelope then score. You may also just score without using the score board by using a ruler and stylus or by using your paper trimmer and stylus/bone folder. However, using the Martha Stewart Sscore Board makes this project very easy.

Note: The dotted lines indicate scoring and solid lines indicate cutting (paper trimming).

Feel free to ask questions or feedback:)

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