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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scrapbooking Poem

Hi Paper Crafters! I enjoy reading and writing poetry. Often I am torn between writing and crafting but I decided to combine the two. I took a workshop this summer on writing love Poetry needless to say this was out of my comfort zone. I really admire and enjoy reading love poems but writing them ... I have only a few. Writing I Need a 12" x 12" Step Program was fun, light hearted, and YES I do love Scrapbooking. Sharing this poem with other scrapbookers is fun. People laugh right through it. If others can relate to it and visualize what I'm saying then I've accomplished my goal.


I Need a 12" x 12" Step Program

Francis D. Ames      6/9/13



you are my obsession

the feel of your texture

smooth, soft, rough, and velvety

glittery paper sets my heart racing

grunge board when I feel dangerous

vellum when I'm fragile


Oh, how I love discounted paper

too often set aside

waiting to be claimed with my affection


Then elbows and eyelets go flying for a steal

hidden behind lock and key

Sizzix and Cricuts yelling to be seen

rolly carts and totes in tow

materials overflow

piles of paper miles high

unfinished projects reach the sky


I cast my longing eyes on my loot

Oh, my eternal lament

No time for it tonight.


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