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Monday, September 16, 2013

Tips on how to mix patterned papers

When I first started scrapbooking I remember struggling with how to mix patterned papers, papers with designs on them, so that my page wouldn't look so busy. How did the pros figure out how to mix papers that I would overlook or not even know how to work with? They made it look so easy and for me it was so hard.

My first scrapbook instructor, Jackie, gave me some basic rules that I will never forget. In honor of my first mentor I will gladly share her wonderful tips.
  • Don't select pattern papers where the circles or dot patterns are larger than the head of people in the picture. This distracts your eyes from the subject matter.
  • Larger circles or large dots are reserved for large portrait or close up pictures.
  • Next, it's great to mix dotted and striped pattern papers together. 
  • Select colors found in your photographs and select theme papers or patterns that coordinate.
But then I learned that the scrapbooking industry is willing to help scrapbooking and card making enthusiasts. In fact, every season they select themed colors and coordinate new patterned papers within the same color family to help with coordination. 

The new found problem was finding the ink pads to coordinate with the patterned papers. If you were like me I had ink pads from so many companies. I was super happy to find a perfect match from one company only to discover those ink pads I liked were no longer available. Find the right coordination of things is time consuming. Next, finding embellishment to coordinate. I found some with the right theme but the wrong colors, etc.

Then came Close to My Heart to the rescue. Everything coordinates, the papers, the inks, markers, embellishments, no need to shop around trying to find things that matched. It's a quick one stop shop. They have a base line of colors and you can always get more ink pads, re-inkers, cardstock that coordinates, etc. To top things off the quality of their products are top notch. This allows for even simple designs to look incredible. I love that. So I must admit that I'm now becoming a Close to My Heart snob. Shhh! That's our secret okay.

I must say that Close to My Heart has impressed me again. They explain that almost ALL of their pattern papers coordinate and why. Amazing! Someone is finally breaking it down so that everyone can understand. Why didn't someone do this sooner? I always have an extra CTMH patterned paper or scrap and no longer have to worry if it matches. I'll just go for it. Below is a video from Close to My Heart that explains how their patterned papers coordinates with each other regardless if they are from different paper packets. Cool, right?

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I hope you enjoyed the video.

Until the next time happy crafting!

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