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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

CTMH Convention 2013 Experience

I've tried to post videos during convention but seemed to have technical difficulties. I will highlight some of my exciting experience without breaking any corporate rules. Well I enjoy watching YouTube videos and have meet some of my online tutors. I have meet the Vice Presidents of Close to My Heart and some Disney characters. In one word convention at Disney was Magical. Here is a look at the people I meet with YouTube videos.

The first person I would like to mention is my dear friend and mentor, Cindy Leek. She has a blog that I've linked onto my blog. She submitted an incredible album for the competition at convention and I was surprised that she did not win. I was happy to see her helping fellow consultants during Creative Sessions. Here is a picture of her in action. Check out her video as well as she demonstrates how to make a flower using a ribbon.

Lisa Stenz is one of the people I aspire to become. I'm really enjoy her creativity and artwork. When searching for and trying to figure out how to create a blog I was awed by her blog. Granted she has not done a YouTube video lately but I was inspired to create a paper cake using her instructions. It turned out great!

So I will attach her YouTube Video so that you could judge for yourself.

I can't forget all those helpful creative videos that I watch from Close to My Heart. I met the people behind the camera and boy were they the nicest people.

This a picture of Monica, one of CTMH Vice Presidents, and I.
She was warm, charming, and give great hugs. I was happy to meet her. You may know her only from her occasional YouTube videos like the one below where she explains how you can maximize your Cricut cartridge purchase by using the Craft Room.


  1. Nicely done Francis! It was indeed "magical"

  2. Ah....thanks for your kind words dear friend! :o)