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Friday, July 12, 2013

Scattered Hearts Team

This is the Scattered Hearts Team, under the direction of Tina Sutton, Presidential Director. Can you spot me in the picture? If you think this is a large team this is just a small portion. Tina has over 1,000 consultants on her team. Not all convention attendees made it on time to take this photo opt. But I think it's still pretty big. We even made a Harlem Shake video. Will let you know when she posts it to YouTube. 

I think you may be able to spot me in this photograph. I'm in the second row from the bottom wearing an orange shirt. This group is smaller because these were the consultants that attended the convention for the first time. Lucy, first row in green, and I were recruited by the same person, Cindy Leek, not in photo.

As matter of fact these are the Independent Consultants I'm closest too. Right to Left: Me (Francis), Lucy, and Cindy.

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  1. Great post Francis, love your blog and the great looking pictures