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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I discovered about Close to My Heart during Convention

What I discovered about Close to My Heart during convention is its history which began with our founder and CEO, Jeanette Lynton.

This was a photo of her early years creating stamps from scratch.

In the beginning the company was called D.O.T.S. which stands for Dozens of Terrific Stamps.

She was designing stamps regularly. Her cute designs are still loved today. In fact, you will see a few of her retired designs return in My Acrylic stamps in the next Idea Book due to its popular demand.

Even as a mother she continued to pursue her dream and it truly because a family business. They were used to boxes of stamps in the truck of her car.

This is just one of the images that will be featured in the next Idea Book and will be available beginning August 1st. The stamp is called Pick of Posy, B1416.

The first office and office workers tried hard to fill orders but demand kept growing.
Although her beloved wood stamps and markers were growing in popularity she made a bold move to make the switch over completely to acrylic stamps. Many were shocked!
You may be familiar with clear stamps but CTMH was the pioneer in the industry by making a complete line and the company launched a campaign featuring Sticky Boy demonstrating the quality and durability of these new stamps. I still believe they are the best stamps, but I am biased since I am an Independent Consultants. In all honesty, I have tried many stamps and think they are top notch.
After almost 30 years in the industry they still offer quality products. Unlike many in the industry that have recently filed bankruptcy Close to My Heart is currently debt free and is launching a whole new line of products. In fact, Close to My Heart has integrated Creative Memories consultants from Australia and New Zealand into our family. We warmly welcomed a team from the land down under. Not many companies would offer such a warm welcome and fellowship. For more information about this visit Jeanette's blog at

La Bella, Jeanette Lynton, doesn't delegate her responsibilities of CEO and still personally selects which paper packets and stamps will appear in each Idea Book. She is a strong Christian leader and I'm happy to be a part of her ever expanding team.
For more information on scrapbooking companies that are reportedly in financial trouble click on the following news links:

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