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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More You Tube Celebrities

Again I spoke to all but one person on my favorite YouTube channel's authors so below is just a few more.

This is Kristen one of the VPs of Close to My Heart. She is tall, funny, and very friendly. Kristen attend the convention with her lovely 21 year old daughter. I chose not to post a picture of her daughter in order to protect their privacy.

Below is one of Kristen's You Tube videos about using our exclusive Cricut cartridges.

Next, I'd like you to meet Brian, another Vice President of Close to My Heart. He's more of the behind of the scenes kind of guy that manages the technology piece for the corporation. If you enjoy our website and YouTube videos he's the guy to thank on making them visible.

Even Brian has made a YouTube video on how to incorporate spinner into your scrapbooking layouts. I've even seen samples of the spinner on cards. I must admit they add a real neat interactive element to your crafting project.

Here is a familiar face to Close to My Heart You Tube channel. So it was really neat that Carlie approached me during creative session to make sure I was able to follow along and to offer any assistance needed. I told her I was collecting pictures of people with YouTube videos. She smiled and agreed to have her picture taken. Her personality is very sweet and humble. I think if I lived in Utah we could of easily become friends. Ooops, just realized that this picture demonstrates a sneak preview of what will be offered in the fall Idea Book. Shhh this will be our secret right?
Don't forget to check out her You Tube video below on how to create multimedia art on canvas.
Well there's another person I met of the CTMH team that for some reason can't seem to find a picture of him. Brian was very helpful and was working at the Registration/Information booth at convention. When I realized he was handing me my package I quickly said I remember you from your YouTube video. He blushed and said, "Yes, I made a YouTube video but it's been a while." I guess he didn't realize he was a YouTube celebrity or maybe wasn't used to being spotted. Well Brian you are well known your most recent video has been viewed by almost 1,000 people and has another video with over 5,000 views. He was the most helpful and assisted me more than once during convention. Below is his most recent YouTube video on using Velcro on your projects. Trust me I have used it plenty of times to secure pockets and other elements. You may want to give it a try.
Well I will show you some more pictures about my adventures in Disney and about the creative friends I've met at convention in my next few posts. Don't worry I haven't forgotten to show you pictures of my roommate gifts using the Dream Pop paper packet. That's coming soon!


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