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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sticky Boy Madness at Convention

Did you know that when Close to My Heart decided to switch from wooden block stamps to acrylic stamps on 2004 they used one prototype stamp to promote their change. This stamp featured a loveable character called Sticky Boy. There were commercials featuring the durability and quality of this stamp. They stuck him on the side of cars, in the washing machine, on a gulf ball that was smacked with club and then he was removed to be used for stamping.
This was the prototype image for the original Sticky Boy stamp.
At convention Brian started the tradition to hide Sticky Boy stamps throughout the convention. He's only exclusively available during convention and cannot be purchased. Women crawl on their hands and need trying to find this stamp under tables, chairs, behind trash cans, doors, tables, planters, among other places. I too was on a mission to find me this elusive Sticky Boy stamp and wear him with pride on my convention pouched lanyard. So after featuring this year's themed Sticky Boy I was sure I would find him. Well guess what? He found ME!

 I won this Sticky Boy stamp. It was actually kind of funny that I had won because I was sitting in my chair literally saying to myself out loud please call me name over and over again. And my name was the first to be called. The people around me laughed because I had a chant going on and then won. In fact, during convention a few of my friends won free products.

Sticky Boy stamps came in 5 sizes and I won the medium to large size stamp. They also auction offered a set of stamps to raise funds for Operation Smile. The stamps sets were auction at $1,000. So they were able to raise $10,000 just from the sale of these stamps. I believe the raise a total of $35,000 that evening during the auction.

You too can support Operation Smile by just round off any order you place through Close to My Heart. Only $250 can change the life of a child. Orders can be placed at my website at

To view a funny Sticky Boy video on all the things they do to Sticky Boy I've attached a YouTube Video for your viewing pleasure.

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